Tirim Oxygen Pro Air Fragrance Dispenser

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Tirim Oxygen Pro Air Fragrance Dispenser White



Tirim Oxygen Pro Air Fragrance Dispenser

Programmable Air Freshness System: One Dispenser, Two Cartridge Options

  • Bad Odours Eliminated
  • Your Restroom is left with a clean, fresh scent

Reliable Performance

Oxy-Gen Powered is the only technology that guarantees the delivery of fragrance in the air continuously, consistently and accurately for the entire duration of the cartridge life.

This precise technology is based on a fuel cell technology that is used in the pharmaceutical industry to deliver drugs to human beings and animals.

Oxy-Gen Powered technology is simple, reliable and cost-effective.

Dispenser provided free on loan, provided the refill cartridges are brough from Glana. Please call us on Tel: 1850 211553 or email: Email: [email protected] for more information

One Dispenser…

Oxygen-Pro is the perfect odor control system for any establishment as the user can program the dispenser to work for 30, 60 or 90 days, and can select different fragrance intensity levels with the flexibility of two different cartridge sizes to choose from.

…and two cartridges


The Regular cartridge works for 30 days and is the ideal choice to replace aerosols, gels, sprays or other passive systems. The cartridge contains 20 ml of pure fragrance oil which amounts to about 4 times more fragrance oil than a standard metered aerosol can.

Lowest Cost-in-use

When using the Grande cartridge, the dispenser can be programmed to work for 30 days, 60 days or 90 days. The cartridge contains 35 ml of pure fragrance oil, that is approximately 7 times more fragrance oil than a standard metered aerosol can. The fragrance intensity can be changed to a strong (30 days), normal (60 days) or (90 days) mild scent.

5 Reasons Choosing Oxygen-Pro

Effective Fragrance & Odour Elimination

All Oxygen-Pro cartridges (except Kleer) contain Neutra-lox, a proprietary ingredient that works with fragrance oils on targeted malodors by locking in the malodor molecules, neutralizing them and releasing a pure, fresh scent into the air.

Neutra-lox is extremely effective against the smell of urine, feces, body odor, tobacco, pet malodor, kitchen odor, mold and mildew, etc.

Unlike other systems that only mask odors, Oxygen-Pro cartridges eliminate odors and releases fragrance effectively

Easy To Install & Service

The dispenser can be easily mounted on the wall using double-sided tape or screws. The simple push and go format ensures that it is easy to replace cartridges or batteries.

Specific Malodor Eliminators

For facilities that desire specific malodor eliminators without any fragrance or a very low fragrance, a choice of two new cartridges are available in the Oxygen-Pro cartridge range.

Neutra-lox Malodor Eliminator

An extremely high concentrate of neutra-lox with just a hint of lemongrass fragrance. This is the ideal choice for areas where fragrance is not desired.

Kleer Natural Malodor Eliminator

Kleer uses plant oils as the active ingredient to neutralize malodors. With a blend of 100% plant oils, Kleer is the ideal choice for health care facilities and hotel rooms to eliminate odors without releasing any fragrance.


With no added solvents and no alcohols, the Oxygen-Pro cartridges contain 100% pure fragrance oil and are a safe choice for any facility. Since the cartridges are not pressurized containers, they are safe to transport and store.


Unlike aerosols, the Oxygen-Pro system does not contain any CFCs, has no added VOCs or propellants, no ‘spray and fade effect’ and ‘no noise’. A fresh, constant level of fragrance is released continuously, consistently and discreetly. The cartridges can be safely disposed of in a plastic recycling bin at the end of the cartridge life.

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