Stereo Zoom Microscope OZC 583

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OZC 583 Stereo zoom microscope (Coaxial) Trinocular Parallel: 1,8-6,5x: HSWF10x23: 2W LED

The coaxial product for LCD / LED electronics and semiconductor workplace



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Stereo Zoom Microscope OZC 583

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Product Description:

The KERN OZC-5 models are extremely robust trinocular stereo microscopes which are easy to use and can be operated from both sides Zoom range and coaxial lighting for images with above average high-contrast and depth of focus

The stand base is solid which makes it extremely stable

The ideal field of application is workstations for monitoring, control and measuring within the semiconductor, LCD and LED industries, where coaxial lighting is necessary

The parallel optical system stops your eyes getting tired and offers a large depth of field. Refocussing is also only necessary in very few cases when magnifying the zoom

Furthermore it offers precise resolution, extra large visual field and is completely colour true

Due to the extra large working distance, these models offer the highest level of comfort through their large work surfaces

The range of optional conversion lenses, eyepieces, universal stands and further accessories means that you can use this product in all common and professional applications in stereomicroscopy

A central feature of this adaptable, robust microscope range is the stable mechanism which can be adjusted precisely. This is emphasized by the functional and ergonomic design

For information on the accessories which are supplied as standard, please see the individual brochures for the models, see document downloads in the table

  • Weighing range Max:
  • Readout d:
  • Max. Length:
  • Read Out Length:
  • Max. Hardness Leeb:
  • Min. Hardness Leeb:
  • Read Out Hardness Leeb:
  • Max. Force:
  • Read Out Force:
  • Verification value:
  • Verification class:
  • Minimum load:
  • Reproducibility-Linearity:
  • Verification:
  • Price Verification:
  • DKD Certificate:
  • Price DKD certificate:
  • ISO calibration certificate:
  • Price ISO calibration certificate:
  • Dimensions housing WxDxH:
  • Material weighing plate:
  • Dimensions weighing plate WxDxH:
  • Weighing area WxD:
  • Weighing space WxDxH:
  • Display digit height:
  • Weighing units:
  • Stabilisation time:
  • Weighing system:
  • Rechargeable battery:
  • Charging time:
  • Operating time Backlight on:
  • Input voltage: 110 – 220 V
  • Power Supply For Country: EURO
  • Power Supply Kind:
  • Battery UN Number:
  • Operating time:
  • Reference quantity:
  • Environment max. humidity:
  • Environment max. temperature:
  • Environment min. temperature:

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