Bench Scale FKT 6K0.02

850.00 ex. VAT

FKT 6K0.02 Bench scale Max 6000 g: d=0,02 g

Touchscreen industrial scale with enormous range of functions, also with EC type approval [M]



DKD Certificate

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DKD Cerification 963-128



Bench Scale FKT 6K0.02

Certificates Available:

DKD Certificate

Add the following item to your cart when purchasing your Kern product in order to add DKD Certification to your product. Click product link for more information

DKD Cerification 963-128

Product Description:

80 memories for each operation mode, e.g., for checkweighing, PRE-TARE, reference weight, target weight when dispensing etc.

Convenient recipe weighing: 99 recipes each with 10 components each can be stored in plain text. If one recipe ingredient is overweight, then the practical recipe adjustment function for when dosages are exceeded automatically calculates the new target weights of the other ingredients. The actual and target values and the proportionate percentage can then be printed. The recipes can be generated easily in an Excel list at the PC and transferred to the balance using the RS-232 interface. Alternatively, the recipes can also be entered directly using the keypad

Multiplier function: recipes where the ingredients have been recorded as percentages can easily be multiplied when entering the new target weight is entered, target weight , which is ideal for the production of larger containers, bulk packs etc.

Rapid function for shortened stabilisation time with reduced readout

16 print forms which can store up to 20 different information, such as, e.g., date, time, operator, item, net, tare, gross, PCS, target weight, PRE-TARE etc. The print forms can be generated easily in an Excel list in the PC and transferred to the balance using the RS-232 interface

Control outputs (optocoupler, digital I/O) to connect relays, signal lamps, valves etc. (35 V / 80 mA)

Hook for underfloor weighing of hanging loads standard for models with weighing plate size

For particularly high counting accuracy, there is an option of combining the KERN FKT range with a high-precision reference balance to make a counting system, please enquire





Recipe weighing


Totalising with daily total

Percentage determination

Animal weighing

Surface weight

Density determination, only with , not for

Rapid function, not for


Capacity display, with , ,

Dispensing aid (subtractive/additive), with ,

Net/gross display, permanent, with , ,

Variable reference quantity, with

Automatic reference optimisation, with

PRE-TARE numerical or from the memory unit, with ,

Input of item or batch description, operator etc., with

Freely programmable weighing unit, e.g. display direct in special units such as length of thread g/m, grammage g/m2, or similar, with

Date/time, with

Statistical function, with

GLP printout, with

Individual formatting of up to 16 printer forms, recipes, operating mode master data in MS Excel, import via RS-232, for examples, see the internet, with

  • Weighing range Max: 6 kg
  • Readout d: 20 mg
  • Max. Length:
  • Read Out Length:
  • Max. Hardness Leeb:
  • Min. Hardness Leeb:
  • Read Out Hardness Leeb:
  • Max. Force:
  • Read Out Force:
  • Verification value:
  • Verification class:
  • Minimum load:
  • Reproducibility-Linearity: 40 mg100 mg
  • Verification:
  • Price Verification:
  • DKD Certificate: 963-128
  • Price DKD certificate: 88
  • ISO calibration certificate:
  • Price ISO calibration certificate:
  • Dimensions housing WxDxH: 270 mm x 345 mm x 106 mm
  • Material weighing plate: stainless steel
  • Dimensions weighing plate WxDxH:
  • Weighing area WxD: 253 mm x 228 mm
  • Weighing space WxDxH:
  • Display digit height: 1.800 cm
  • Weighing units: * ct dwt g kg lb mo oz ozt t tl (HK) tl (Singap. Malays) tl (Tw)
  • Stabilisation time: 3 s
  • Weighing system: Strain gauge
  • Rechargeable battery: Rchrg. battery optional – intern
  • Charging time: 10 h
  • Operating time Backlight on: 10 h
  • Input voltage: 100 V – 240 V
  • Power Supply For Country: CH EURO
  • Power Supply Kind: Mains adapter external
  • Battery UN Number:
  • Operating time: 20 h
  • Reference quantity:
  • Environment max. humidity: 0.8
  • Environment max. temperature: 40 °C
  • Environment min. temperature: 10 °C

Available Accessories


Additional information

Additional information

Dimensions 345 × 270 × 106 mm
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