Day after day you dot the i’s and cross the t’s in the performance of your job. Why would this be any different for the choice of your workwear? DASSY offers a wide range of professional accessories so as to complement your work outfit. Our aim is to make your everyday performance easier, more functional and more comfortable.

  • Wear the pre-formed and flexible CE-certified CRATOS kneepads to make it easier to do prolonged work on your knees.
  • Complement your outfit with versatile tool pouches and keep all your tools within reach.
  • Avoid soar feet as a result of poorly fitting socks. Wear the DASSY work socks for an optimal fit, breathable properties and high insulation value.
  • Wear a hat and scarf in the cold and protect your head against the burning sun with the DASSY TRITON cap.

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DASSY Belt Saturnus

7.90 ex. VAT
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DASSY Braces Themis

19.50 ex. VAT
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DASSY Cap Triton Co

5.90 ex. VAT

DASSY Insole Ares

7.80 ex. VAT

DASSY Knee Pads Cratos

11.50 ex. VAT
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DASSY Knee Pads Notus

8.80 ex. VAT
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DASSY Knitted Beanie Odin

10.50 ex. VAT
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DASSY Laces Ceres

13.6014.60 ex. VAT

DASSY Laces Leos

13.6014.60 ex. VAT
Cobalt Blue

DASSY Printed Belt Mercurius

8.60 ex. VAT
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DASSY Scarf Aura

16.60 ex. VAT
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DASSY Socks Juno Wool

10.80 ex. VAT