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Ireland's leading provider of Catering Supplies, Cleaning Products, Hygiene Products, Laundry, Dishwash, Washroom Service & Safety Workwear. Open to Public & Commercial Customers.


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Dustease Ostrich Feather Duster

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Thermapen® ONE Digital Thermometer

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Vinyl Gloves

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Catering Supplies

At Glana, we provide Catering Supplies to restaurants and hotels across Ireland.

Browse our range of chef wear, cookware, food storage, thermometers, knives.

Washroom Services

TIRIM Washroom Service provides full washroom service, equipment and products.

We stock innovative dispensers which help to control and reduce consumption of supplies.

Intensive Cleaning

The INTENSIVE Commercial Cleaning range covers most requirements for cleaning busy commercial premises from Food Service to Housekeeping.

Controlled dosage through Glana Dispenser.

Intensive Solid Dishwash

Designed for the busy kitchen dishwasher.

Unlike Liquid Systems, INTENSIVE SOLID DISHWASH is tailored to work with your water and machine condition.

Regularly serviced, calibrated and maintained by our Qualified Service Technician.

Laundry 2 Web

Combining Glana INTENSIVE Q Web Based dispensing Technology System that delivers accurate dosing, with our Highly Concentrated Laundry Chemicals, you will reduce and eliminate the need to rewash.

24/7 Remote Online Monitoring with Laundry 2 Web technology.

Cost Control

Glana’s Safe Control Closed Loop Chemical Management System

The superior, spill – proof system that virtually eliminates worker exposure to chemical concentrates.

Controls every drop, avoids waste and protects your bottom line.

INTENSIVE Q Commercial Laundry Technology

INTENSIVE Q Commercial Laundry Technology

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INTENSIVE Dishwash Range

INTENSIVE Dishwash Range

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INTENSIVE Commercial Cleaning

INTENSIVE Commercial Cleaning

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TIRIM Washroom Service

TIRIM Washroom Service

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Staff Training

Staff Training

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Glana Controlled Hygiene has been providing customers with innovative hygiene solutions and catering supplies since 2006. As a result, we are among the most trusted suppliers in Ireland.

Our specialties include:

Our products and services enable our customers to achieve the ultimate solution in controlled hygiene, subsequently leading to the achievement of excellent results, at an extremely economical cost.

In addition to our range of over 10,000 cleaning products and catering supplies, our Customer Support and Service includes the following:

  • Provision of Dispensers Free on Loan, NO CONTRACT.
  • Scheduled Service Cycle by our Technicians.
  • On Site Training of Staff in the use of products and CLP Training.
  • Maintenance of your Cleaning Management System.
  • Next Day Delivery. Therefore, results in reduced stock holding for you.

Our friendly staff are happy to assist you with any questions you might have, please CONTACT US here.

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